Company History

It has taken the last thirty years building furniture and cabinets
to begin to feel comfortable at our work. My brother Charles and
I have worked in dozens of design styles, but have become comfortable and most proficient at mid-20th-century pieces. It
is likely because of our association with Donald Cameron and his lifetime of work with Tommi Parzinger that we have been drawn so strongly to mid-century furniture. Over the past ten years we have worked at recreating Parzinger’s pieces working from new and original drawings detailed and explained by Cameron. His scrutiny has helped us develop an eye for scale and shape.

The technical skills we’ve gained in producing such demanding designs have allowed the cabinetmaking side of our business to grow greatly over past few years. We can now confidently produce entire households of cabinetry with speed and proficiency.

Our tools range from computer to chisel, which range allows us to work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing detail and design. Malcolm Frazier, trained as a sculptor from his earliest childhood, came to work with us eight years ago. He has worked

in metal, stone, cement and wood. He is often called on to pick up where the machines have stopped. In making the rose windows for the Montauk Catholic church (see "specialty" link at left) the computer-controlled cutting could only give us precise blanks to assemble an unadorned frame. From there the carving that was added transformed the windows into the 19th-century style needed.

–Ron Attinello